Early Bird

Michael (Early Bird) Gallow

Place of Birth: (West: Highpoint) Seattle

Early Bird started rapping in 1996 at the age of 13, and due to unfortunate circumstances while homing in and developing his skills in 1998 Early Bird got incarcerated, but that didn’t stop him from perfecting his craft. Upon his released in 2001 he realized his uncle (Mr. Business) was hard at work making music and so they began to collaborate but nothing materialized because Early Bird returned to prison in 2002, once released in 2003 Early Bird began working with Mr. Business again landing classic material on THE BLOCKRINGERS (2006 mixtape) while also doing features for other local artist such as Gangsta-Nutt, Kanibal, and TNT. Now Early Bird is a part of the Dunaiji family and has up and coming feature’s on WHO’S BETTER? (mixtape), THE TOWN TAKEOVER (mixtape), and A CUT ABOVE THE CLASS (mixtape) while working hard on his LP BRIGHT AND EARLY. With the Dunaiji family, and new momentum and material Early Bird will definitely bring his own style to the rap game.