Mr. Business

Chaval (Mr Business) Piper

Place of Birth: (West: HighPoint) Seattle W.A.

Chaval Piper was born in Seattle and raised in the Westside (Highpoint) where he began to realize his love for Hip Hop music. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s where Chaval started battle rapping in the hallways of Franklin High School where the onlookers begin to call him Mr. Business.

Not yet realizing his potential his older sister Yvette (Lady Jazz) Satchell would always encourage him to pursue writing music. Not knowing where to begin he was discovered in 1998 by local Producer Allen (AG) Williams and he began recording (at the same time Lady Jazz introduced him to Dvalentino). As time went by through the ups and downs personal tragedy struck Mr. Business and Family with the death of Lady Jazz (1970-2002).

Now fueled with a new hunger for music Mr. Business partnered up with a family member to startup BIG CITY RECORDS, helping start the new label Mr. Business took the back seat while staying active making music behind the scenes dropping projects such as The Shakedown (2003) and the underground classic Checkmate (2004) for other artist under the label. But in early 06 Mr. Business dropped his own underground classic debut WHY THE STREETS EMBRACE ME.

In the summer of 06 Mr. Business made history by filming a music video in the (original) Highpoint just hours before its demolition. With the hype behind his solo effort Mr. Business went on and dropped BIG CITY RECORDS last project THE BLOCKRINGERS (mixtape). Now parting ways (from BIG CITY RECORDS) Mr. Business while in Vas Vegas (All-star Weekend 07) meets and befriends Whoodie Bang.

Now forming a new label DUNAIJI ENTERPRISES with Whoodie Bang and Early Bird, Dunaiji Enterprises is a great addition to the NW music movement.

Feel free to contact Mr. Business at chaval@dunaiji.com