Whoodie Bang

Idris (Whoodie Bang) Williams

Place of Birth: Brooklyn N.Y.

Whoodie B. started recording in 1992 rapping ever since the 4th grade. Whoodie was discovered by (Black) the Producer for Gang Starr. Whoodie inked a deal with Prolific Records in Seattle W.A. in 2001 under the group name LoFam with group members Shavez (Marcus Smith) and in house producer Matic music/ Champion music inc. Whoodie also performed with the group Da Grain, but Whoodie decided to move to Tacoma W.A. in 2003 to pursue a solo career, in the summer of 2007 Whoodie B. met up with Mr. Business to form Dunaiji Enterprises and began to record new material such as GUESS WHO’S BACK (mixtape), WHO’S BETTER? (mixtape), THE TOWN TAKEOVER (mixtape) & A CUT ABOVE THE CLASS (mixtape) while producing his anticipated LP YAHTZEE. With his laid-back style and gritty street savvy Whoodie Bang brings a perfect blend of East coast swag to the Northwest format.

Feel free to contact Whoodie Bang at whoodiebang@gmail.com